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Treated timber

Do you want your fence to last the test of time?

If so, then you should consider using treated timber. Timber that has been treated increases the wood's durability, helping to protect against the wind and rain, the damaging effects of fungal growth, and further protects it from woodworm and insects.

Enquire about our treated timber supplies when you call.

The benefits of treated timber:

  • Increases the longevity of the wood

  • Protects against insects, woodworm and other pests

  • Reduces water ingress

  • Reduces the build-up of mould and protects against rot

  • Reduces costs in the long run, as the wood will not need to be replaced as frequently as non-treated timber

  • Low maintenance

  • Post savers available

We use environmentally friendly processes when treating our timber. To enquire about the quantity you require, please give us a call.

We don't expect all our customers to know exactly which products they require. If you need some advice, just tell us what project you have in mind, and we will offer our professional advice.

Want timber decking?

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